Thailand. DFT anticipates 9.5 million tons of rice exported throughout this year


The Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) has expected some 9.5 million tons of rice to be exported to the world markets throughout this year.

DFT Director-General Adul Chotinisakorn said the agency was very positive the total volume of Thailand's rice export will reach the projected 9.5 million tons throughout this year.

The rice export since 1 January 2018 has reached up to two million tons, accounting for a 4.17 percent increase from the same period last year. The rice export generated 999 million US dollars in revenue, marking a 22.13 percent increase from last year.

The DFT chief said the Thai rice was raising more demands from both domestic and world markets, which will help maintain the stability of the rice prices.

This year's world rice production volume is expected to fall to 484.33 million tons due to forecast decreases in India, Bangladesh, the United States, South Korea, and Japan, while the consumers' demands were expected to drop partly due to the rising demands for alternative cereals.

Thailand has been prepared to promote rice export by holding trade negotiations and expanding its market bases, as well as promoting working relations with major trading partners.

The DFT chief added that some two million tons of rice currently in government stock will not affect the domestic prices of rice and that the department will propose the release of the in-stock rice to the Rice Policy Committee on 29 March 2018.


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