Thailand: Meeting to be held for feed wheat import regulations


The Ministry of Commerce will be holding a meeting on Monday to establish regulations on animal feed import as a substitute to maize, says Commerce Minister.

Minister of Commerce Apiradi Tantraporn revealed agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Department of Livestock Development, the Customs Department, the Department of Foreign Trade, and the Department of Internal Trade, will be meeting tomorrow to set management procedures on the import ratio of wheat as animal feed per purchase of domestic maize.

The meeting was called in the wake of the Cabinet's decision to regulate wheat imports, to help maize farmers who are facing a plummet in good prices.

The authorities will be considering the feasibility of 1:3 wheatimport per maize purchase ratio, which requires the import of 100 tons of wheat accompanying the purchase of 300 tons of domestic maize.

Once determined, the new regulation will be pushed for official announcement and implementation in a timely manner, says the Commerce Minister.


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