Thailand: Ministry of Commerce holds seminar on opportunities in rice industry


The Trade Policy and Strategy Office has held a seminar on market research relevant to the Thai rice industry.

Office Director Pimchanok Vonkorpon reported on research into Thai rice demand, which indicates that rice-based foods, cosmetics and medicine continue to be highly sought-after around the world. The Ministry of Commerce has also conducted research on the benefits of each rice strain and appropriate processing measures to help farmers meet market demand.

Adviser to the Thai Rice Mill Association Pramote Wanichnond said the strength of the Thai rice industry lies in its high-quality jasmine rice. Thai jasmine rice has generated over 800 billion baht in annual revenue, making Thailand a longtime top rice exporter.

According to Pramote, the rice industry receives between 50-60 billion baht of government subsidies. He said the subsidies should be directed towards measures such as production reform, new technologies, water resources, research on superior and more nutritious rice strains, and marketing, all of which would help generate income and reduce dependency on the government.


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