Thailand-origin offered lowest in Iraq’s 30,000 T rice tender


The lowest price offer in the tender from Iraq's state grains buyer to purchase at least 30,000 tonnes of rice was $498.20 a tonne c&f free out for rice to be sourced from Thailand, European traders said on Monday.

No decision about a purchase was believed to have been made in the tender, which closed on June 11 with offers remaining valid up to June 15.

The lowest price was followed by another offer of Thailand rice at $503.20 a tonne c&f free out.

Lowest offer for rice from the United States was $595 a tonne free out.

Indian rice was offered lowest at $525 a tonne c&f liner out. Free out and liner out terms have differing conditions for the cost of port cargo handling.

Argentine rice was offered lowest at $537 a tonne c&f free out and Uruguay origin was offered lowest at $539 a tonne c&f free out, they said. Brazilian rice was offered lowest at $552 a tonne c&f free out.

Traders said six trading companies took part in the tender, lower than usual but still a reasonable number.

Iraq has been struggling to import grain for its food subsidy programme after introducing new payment and quality terms which left trading houses unwilling to participate in its international tenders.

Iraq told suppliers earlier this year it would pay for its grain in instalments. Traders said they were informed by Iraq's Grain Board that low oil prices and other financial factors were forcing the country to delay payments.

Iraq had made no purchase in a separate wheat tender, traders said on Monday.


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