The ban on slaughter of cattle inflated prices for chicken meat in India


Retail prices for chicken in the Indian market recently rose to RS 180-200/kg. the Reason for the growth was the ban on slaughter of cattle and weather conditions

Currently the retail price of chicken in Maharashtra is from 180 to 200 rupees per kg the Price of producers for live poultry in January amounted to 60-65 rupees a kilo but now prices have risen to 100 rupees per kilogram and above. Experts say that for the first time in poultry prices rose across the country.

Growth in poultry prices is supported not only by limited supply, which results in heat and increase mortality birds, but the rise in consumer demand for poultry after the introduction of restrictions on slaughter of cattle.

The poultry industry expects the price of chicken will remain high until mid-July, after which prices usually fall because the weight of the birds is rapidly growing due to the cooler climate. Demand also falls with the onset of Shivani, the sacred month of the Hindus, when people do not eat meat products.


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