The cost of food in Russia is growing faster than in Europe


Prices on food in Russia are growing about 3.5 times faster than in the European Union: 3.9% versus 1.1% in 2016.

In December the difference was not so significant: the cost of food in Russia increased by 0.7%, the EU by 0.6%.

Oils and fats rose in Russia by 13% in the EU - 2.7%, fish and seafood in Russia – 8.6%, in EU – 3%. "Milk", eggs and cheese in the Russian Federation has added to the cost of about 8.5%, in the EU, their price is almost not changed.

A similar situation was observed with the meat, bread, cereals, sugar and other products. The fruits and vegetables in Russia fell by 7.7% and 4% respectively, while in the EU their value continued to grow



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