The EU will increase the yield of grain 6.3%


According to forecasts of the European Commission, the following season the European countries will gather 313 million tons, 6.3% more than in the current season

Gross harvest of wheat will increase by 6.5% to 143 million tonnes, barley – 5.0% to 62.7 million tons, corn by 10.3% to 66.6 million tons, rye – by 13.7% to 8.3 million tonnes.

France, the largest grain producer in the EU, will increase the gross yield of 25.8% compared to the previous lean season. A marked increase in yield is also expected in Germany (+7.0 per cent) and Poland (+4.8 per cent).

Export potential of European grain will total 42.8 million tonnes (35.2 million tonnes in the current season), including soft wheat – 28,9 (24) million tons, barley – 9,8 (7,1) million tons, corn – 2,5 (2,3) mln t, durum – 1,3 (1,6) million tonnes.


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