The food import bill will increase by 11%


FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) estimates that food imports from Sub-Saharan Africa in 2017 will reach USD 41.3 billion, an increase of 11%.
FAO expects sub-Saharan Africa to import cereals (USD 10.8 billion), vegetable oils and animal fats (USD 5.9 billion), sugar (USD 4.5 billion), fish , $ 2 billion), meat ($ 3 billion), beverages ($ 1.5 billion). The balance will be represented by dairy products, oilseeds and fruit and vegetables (USD 3.5 billion).
While demand in sub-Saharan Africa will increase for some products (oils, sugar), Fruit & Vegetable imports are expected to remain stable. Sub-Saharan Africa will import a volume equivalent in value to that of last year, ie 3.5 billion USD.


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