The heat in Germany will do more damage to agriculture than expected


Farmers ask for financial assistance from the state.

 A new interim evaluation of the quantity of the grain harvest in Germany has shown that the effects of heat are much more serious than expected by the farmers, reports the German TV channel N-TV on 1 August.

Association of German farmers after the heat were expecting the harvest to 41 million tons of grain, according to the latest estimates, the fee is not to exceed 36 million tons. Farmers asked for support from the state.

According to the head of the Association of Joachim of Rukvid, the extent of the damage from a catastrophic drought. Farmers need financial assistance in the amount of €1 billion primarily affects livestock, as the number of feed poorly, and it is sold at high prices. The Minister of agriculture, Julia klöckner Germany informed the government about the situation in agriculture.

As reported IA REGNUM, the Association of German farmers warned of increasing food prices in Germany sometime in the fall. In particular, will significantly increase the price of potatoes, meat and dairy products.


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