The Ministry of agriculture gives disappointing forecast for the harvest


Currently, there is a tab next harvest, and to date forecast for next year is disappointing

This was stated by the Director of the Department of plant growing of the Ministry of agriculture Pyotr Chekmarev VI industry business conference Russian Crop Production — 2017/18. "With winter crops in autumn delayed sowing in the Volga region, Central Federal district, but now due to the South managed to catch up. Goes late harvest — plowing, tillage is delayed, which is not a plus" — said Chekmarev.

In addition, according to the official, the weather this year is not conducive to higher yields in 2018. "due to the rains this year occurred the leaching of nutrients, the temperature drops, microbiological processes in the soil occur weaker. Therefore, the fertile part of the next year not quite going to be nice for the next harvest", — he said. However, he recalled that after seasons with high gross yield are often crop failures. "And next year is little heralds a good harvest, so this year should be to have reserves for the next year", — concluded Chekmarev.

According to the operative data of the Ministry of agriculture, 21 September sowing of winter crops of agricultural products, conducted on an area of 10 million hectares or 57.5% of the forecasted area (2016 10.1 million hectares). Harvesting of grain and leguminous crop species completed by 80.9% of the acreage, and produced 117.7 million tonnes of grain in bunker weight at the yield of 30.9 t/ha (in 2016 and 26.5 C/ha).

As noted Chekmarev, the harvesting campaign is now continuing in difficult weather conditions. "Rains, especially in Siberia, where housekeeping is bad. In the North-Western Federal district the situation is also not very well composed. Well, soon there'll be snow in these regions, it also complicates the situation in the harvest", — said the official. In addition, in his opinion, this year should not expect high yields of corn, which is currently removed 19% of the area. "The corn this year has let us down, because it was not enough heat to corn has formed a good yield, despite the fact that that was a good one", — stated Chekmarev. In 2016 year, according to Rosstat, the corn crop was a record amount at 15.3 million tonnes.

According to the forecast of the Ministry of agriculture, the total gross grain harvest this year may reach 110 million tonnes.


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