The Ministry of agriculture: Intervention Fund of grain for 2018 provided 6.5 billion rubles


Intervention Fund of grain for the year 2018 in the draft Federal budget for 2018 to 2020 is provided in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles, said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Igor Kuzin at the meeting of the state Duma Committee on agrarian issues.

"Servicing the intervention Fund pledged in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles, based on the forecast that this year and next we will be able to sell 1.5 million tons, to reduce the amount of intervention Fund," he said.

The Deputy Minister reminded that the draft Federal budget for 2018 to 2020 the Ministry of agriculture for 2018 set limits of budget appropriations in the amount 222,2 billion. "In accordance with the instructions (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, the Russian government specified amount may be increased by 20 billion rubles. The project as a whole the volume of agricultural support in 2018 will be maintained at no less than 2017," - said Kuzin.

Given the President's instruction, the Ministry proposes to distribute this amount in two directions. "That's an unrelated support in crop production, 8 billion rubles and 12 billion rubles - a new short-term loans", - said the Deputy Minister. According to him, the distribution of these amounts will be approved later, apparently, the government's amendments to the second reading of the draft budget for the next three years.

The Deputy Minister recalled that in the first half of each year about 80% is required for unrelated support in crop production. "This allows the farmers to carry out spring field work, to obtain money to purchase grain, fuel, fertilizers and so on. This ensures the start of production in the field of crop production," he said. New preferential short-term loans "will allow similarly agriculture to ensure the holding of spring field works in sufficiently massive volume," said cousins.


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