The Russian market is expensive cheese


In retail, the average price of hard and soft cheeses increased in March by 0.6% to 474,8 RUB/kg (+10.5% for the year)

The average price of industrial producer of hard cheese after a sharp increase in January (+15.4%) and the same sharp drop in February (-10,9%) in March 2017 has continued to increase within the trend and averaged 353,7 RUB/kg (+5,5% for the month, +17,3% per year).

Other types of cheese also rose in March, manufacturers: soft – 221,1 to RUB/kg (+1.9% mom), semi-hard – to 323,6 RUB/kg (+0,5% per month), and processed cheese has risen in March to average 2.8% to the 161.8 RUB/kg, which may be associated with an increase in demand due to the shift in consumer preferences towards cheaper milk and dairy products.

Industrial producer prices for cheese products after a sharp rise in January (+50.9 percent, according to FSGS, to 141,3 RUB/kg) fell in March to the level 125,0 RUB/kg (+14,3% yoy).


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