The Sugar Company of Cameroon plans to expand sugar production by over 30%


The Sugar Company of Cameroon (SOSUCAM) plans to produce 160,000 tonnes of sugar a year by 2023, against a little over 120,000 tonnes now.

It is reported by International Sugar Journal.

The expansion in production will take place at its sites in Mbandjock and Nkoteng in the Central Region, where the company also has a cane plantation.

Sosucam’s general manager Louis Yinda said that the investment includes expansion in cane acreage along with the installation of a new large-scale irrigation system as well as modernizing one of its factories.

The company has invested in modern irrigation techniques and revamped one of its sugar-processing factories to meet its goal. The decision to invest follows a request from the Cameroon government for the company to increase production so as to cut imports.

With an estimated demand of more than 300 000 tonnes of sugar a year and a domestic production around 230 000 tonnes, the country is forced to import between 60 000 tonnes and 70 000 tonnes of sugar each year to fill the gap.


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