The US continues leadership in pork exports


Although the US were losing market share in Asia over the last two years to European pork, US pork exporters ‘had a good year’ in 2016, with total exports to China and Hong Kong reaching 544,943 tonnes valued at USD 1.08 billion, according to the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF).

“For this year, we see Chinese pork prices to be slightly lower than 2016, which will affect imports from all sources,” Joel Haggard, Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific, told Asian Agribiz. On the other hand, he said, more US companies are switching to China-compliant production methods, which will expand capacity of the US pork industry to meet Chinese demands. "Also, as European prices rise, the US will find itself more competitive from a price standpoint as US pork production is set to increase again this year."


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