Tkachev: the import of 50 thousand tons of Turkish tomatoes will not harm Russian producers


The Minister said that the import of tomatoes from Turkey can be established in the off-season

Supplies of Turkish tomatoes to Russia in the offseason will not take a significant share in the total export of vegetables from abroad, said the Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev.

"Of course, we must first, letting Turkish tomatoes to the Russian market, to take care of a Russian manufacturer, we will absolutely monitor the market. If the import of Turkish tomatoes in the off-season: winter, early spring when we have our own tomatoes. But we must not forget that we lack around 1.5 million tons of vegetables, and we have this huge amount we import today from Azerbaijan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, China, Israel etc., therefore, if Turkish tomatoes will be about 50 thousand, and we import about more than a million, of course it is neither cold nor hot, as they say", — said Tkachev channel "Russia 24".

Tkachev said that between Russia and Turkey is undergoing a complex negotiation process, and the tolerance of Turkish goods to Russia you first need to take care of the Russian manufacturers.

"We will closely study the market, so in any case we do not undermine the trust and first of all the prices on our Russian products, primarily for tomatoes" — said Tkachev.

Russia from January 1, 2016 banned the import of tomatoes and some other agricultural products from Turkey. The measure was introduced after the Turkish air force in November 2015 shot down a Russian su-24 aircraft were in Syrian airspace. Subsequently, the list of prohibited importation into Russia of products was reduced as the normalization of relations with Turkey, but the ban on the import of tomatoes remains in force.


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