Tkachev: the share of domestic agricultural machinery increased 2 times in three years


Alexander Tkachev said during the visit to the main production site Rostselmash in Rostov region

Currently, the share of Russian-made agricultural equipment in the fields is equal to 54%, said the Minister of agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev during his visit to Rostselmash.

Alexander Tkachev said that today the country is implementing various measures of state support aimed at the development of agricultural machinery, including providing subsidies to equipment manufacturers.

In 2016 for these purposes more than 11 billion roubles that in 2 times more than the year before. It is allowed to acquire more than 17 thousand units. The Minister stressed that by increasing support and growing demand of farmers for domestic agricultural machinery, its production increased by 68%.

"For three years, the share of domestic agricultural equipment on our market has grown in 2 times – up to 54%. We will continue to subsidize the purchase of new equipment this year for this purpose will amount to 13.7 billion rubles," – said Alexander Tkachev.


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