Tofail: India’s ban on rice export will not have any impact


Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed has said prices of rice will not increase even though the Indian government decided to stop exporting rice to Bangladesh from September 15 to November 30.

He said this to reporters on Wednesday after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement in Cabinet Division Auditorium in Dhaka.

In a letter to Bangladesh on Tuesday, the Indian authorities concerned informed their decision that they would keep exports of rice to Bangladesh halted during the period so that the recent floods cannot cause a food crisis in India.

Asked about the temporary ban, Tofail said he phoned the Indian high commissioner to Bangladesh but could not discuss the matter as the high commissioner was on the way back to Dhaka from Cox’s Bazar, where he went to visit Rohingya refugee camps with other diplomats stationed in Dhaka.

Fungicides grew in rice as unscrupulous traders tried to manipulate rice price by storing up it a long period and thus creating an artificial crisis in markets, he said, adding that actions would be taken against such traders.


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