Togo. Grain output reaches 1.3 million tons for 2017/18 season, up 2.7%


Togo’s gross grain output for the 2017/18 season exceeded 1.3 million metric tons, according to data from the Inter-States committee for the fight against drought in Sahel.

This is 2.7% more than the output recorded in 2016/17 which was 1.27 million tons.

The slight increase is mainly attributable to good weather conditions last year, in the sub-region, paired with the government’s efforts. Indeed, various agricultural projects, such as the PNIASA which replaced PNIASAN at the end of 2017, helped Togo secure regular grain surpluses since their launch.

According to the minister of agriculture, Ouro-Koura Agadazi, the country recorded a 21% surplus for the 2017-2018 season mainly as a result of greater sorghum, millet and tuber outputs.

Regionally, grain output reached around 28.7 million tons, up 2.8% compared to the previous season. Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso were the best producers with respective outputs of 9.5 million tons, 5.8 million tons and 4 million tons.

Despite output growth across WAEMU this year, it was still lower than in 2016 when it stood at 6.6%.


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