Traders warned against hiking price of salt, sugar


Consequent to rumours of salt scarcity and panic buying in the city, retailers and traders have been cautioned against citing higher prices for both salt and sugar.

Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep has warned that stringent action would be initiated against such retailers who hoard or cite a higher price while allaying any fears of salt and sugar scarcity.

Mr. Randeep, in a release here on Sunday, said that there was adequate stock of both sugar and salt to cater to public requirements in the district.

A meeting was held with the APMC traders on Saturday in this regard and it has been affirmed that there will be steady supply of sugar and salt to the market to ensure that there was no scarcity nor would there be a surge in their prices.

Referring to a few public complaints, the Deputy Commissioner said that a few traders in urban pockets in the district were resorting to hoarding or selling the stock for a higher price to rake in a profit and hence they have been warned of stringent action.


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