Tunisia. Increase exports to sell the very abundant citrus production


In Tunisia, record production of citrus fruits (560 000 tonnes, or + 47% compared to the previous season) is not easy to manage for the sector.
The very abundant production can not be sold on the local market. Solutions: Strengthen transformation and promote exports. In particular to France, a traditional Tunisian citrus market, but also to Algeria and Russia.
The Interprofessional Fruit Group sets up a marketing program for these different markets.
For the French market, participation in the Salon de l'Agriculture, week of promotion of oranges, tasting days. For the Algerian market, aid for the marketing of products. For the Russian market, launch of a direct line Tunisia / Russia (Sfax / Novorossiysk) and participation in the international trade show of the agroalimentary of Moscow in a few weeks.


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