Turkey – main importer of Ukrainian wheat brans


In August Ukrainian exporters shipped 37.5 KMT of wheat brans, which was 9% lower than in the previous month (41.2 KMT) and 3% higher than in August 2015(36.4 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Over the two months of 2016/17 79 KMT was exported against 96.5 KMT over the same period of the previous season.  In 2015/16 Ukraine exported record volume of wheat brans. In the first months of the current season export market squeezed almost to one country. Thus, Turkey remained among key buyers of Ukrainian wheat brans and purchased 78.5 KMT in July-August, having provided almost 100% of all exports. Moreover small amount was exported to Romania -  0.2 KMT.



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