Turkey. Banana production increases in Turkey


We are now far from the sporadic production of bananas in the 1980s, which even dropped to 18,000 tons in 1993. With the generalization of greenhouses specially designed for banana production supported by the Ministry of Agriculture Turkish, this figure rose to 64 000 tonnes in 2000, doubling in 2003 to over 200 000 tonnes in 2008 and exceeding 270 000 tonnes in 2015. In 2016, it increased by 13% to reach a figure Record 306,000 tons.
Bananas are produced in southern Turkey, in regions with favorable tropical microclimates such as Antalya (27% of total production) and Mersin (72% of total production).
Bananas were generally imported mainly from South American countries. With increased domestic production, an increase in banana consumption is observed in the domestic market, although the consumption rate remains much lower than that of the United States or European countries. A high tariff applied to import bananas supports the development of domestic production.
Numerous studies are also carried out to improve the variety produced and its marketing in particular abroad, where it is already sold in Germany as organic banana.


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