Turkey changing the rules for supplying agricultural products from Russia


Turkey imposed new restrictions on Russian agricultural supplies to the country, which came into force from October 9, 2017, reports UkrAgroConsult.

From now on, in line with the adopted decision, invoices for Russian export products heading Turkey, which are to be presented to Turkey’s customs service, must be attested by the Turkish Trade Mission in Russia. This requirement shall be applied to deliveries of wheat, corn, peas, rice, as well as unrefined sunoil and sunseed cake.

In addition, Turkey will make a list of authorized Russian exporting companies which will be allowed to supply agricultural commodities to the country.

It is pointed out that the new rules do not concern already made purchases.

The introduction of the above-mentioned requirements has been confirmed by Russia’s trade mission in Turkey and Russia’s Ag Ministry.



with reference to Bloomberg

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