Turkey. Cherry is the most exported fresh product in July


This is revealed by the statistics of the Union of Exporters National Coordinator of Fruit and Vegetables.
Problems due to unfavorable weather conditions at the last minute reduced exports of cherries by one third in quantity and 20% in value. However, cherries remain at the forefront of fresh produce exported by Turkey, thanks to the excellent prices obtained. The cherry represents 44% of the total exports realized in July 2017 in value, while it represents 14% in quantity.
Around 30 000 tonnes were exported in July, reaching a total of 37 000 tons since the beginning of the season, compared to about 50 000 tons in 2016. Fisheries are the second most exported product, accounting for 13% of total exports. Quantity but only 15% in value, very far behind the cherry. The apricot is in 3rd position and the tomatoes are thus dethroned from their first place to fall in 4th position.
As the Russian market lifted the ban on the export ban on strawberries and onions, exports of these products rose sharply. For the month of July, an increase in all exports combined of 23% in quantity and 12% in value was recorded. It is mainly vegetables, whose export increased by 63% and which of fruits increased by 10%. The end of the citrus season began earlier than last year, with exports fell by 17%.


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