Turkey: despite a rich harvest, this season’s wheat imports will remain at last season’s level


The FAS USDA estimates Turkey’s 2017/18 total crop at 19.5 MMT against 17.2 MMT last season. At the same time, the estimated planted area of 7.8 Ml ha is below last year’s (7.815 Ml ha was sown in 2016/17). The durum share in the total crop is expected at 2.3 MMT.

The yield increase was contributed to by sufficient spring precipitation. 50% of the planned area was harvested by mid-July.

Turkey imported 4.4 MMT of wheat for the whole 2016/17 season, including 2.3 MMT from Russia, 494 KMT from Lithuania, 342 KMT from Mexico.

Due to restrictions in the trade with Russia in April and May, Turkey attempted to fill its need in imports with supplies from the EU. Durum imports totaled some 630 KMT last season, including about 324 KMT of this wheat from Canada and 145 KMT from Mexico.

Wheat imports to Turkey are forecast at 6.2 MMT in 2017/18 season (6.17 MMT in 2016/17) in view of growing domestic consumption and low stocks at the beginning of 2017/18 season.

To stabilize food prices, the government cut import duties on wheat, barley and corn from 130% to 45%, 35% and 25%, respectively, from June 28.



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