Turkey imported a record amount of Ukrainian wheat bran


Ukraine exported 61.5 KMT of wheat bran in May 2017 that is up 67.5% from May 2016 (36.7 KMT).

Ukrainian exporters supplied a total 568.2 KMT of wheat bran to foreign markets in July-May 2016/17, or 1.4% more than at the same time last season (560.4 KMT in July-May 2015/16).

Turkey remained the top importer of Ukrainian wheat bran in 2016/17 season – its purchases have even increased considerably. Turkey’s share in wheat bran exports from Ukraine reached a record 95% and 541.3 KMT (11.5% more than Turkey imported in MY 2015/16).

The diversification of end markets observed last season was canceled out by the shipments to the Turkish market. Only China and the European Union witness comparatively steady arrivals of Ukrainian wheat bran. Its deliveries to the other destinations dropped substantially or stopped at all. These include the markets of Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Please note that, despite expanding wheat bran exports from Ukraine, this product’s output continues shrinking in the country. 596 KMT of wheat bran was produced in Ukraine for the eleven months of 2016/17 season, or 4.6% less than at the same time in MY 2015/16 (624.5 KMT).


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