Turkey intends to sell to Russia vegetables and fruits for the Lira


The head of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan expressed the desire to resume exports to Russia of vegetables and fruits, a ban on the supply of which in Russia is still not canceled, to accept payment for them, the Turkish side expects Lira

A ban on imports of a number of Turkish fruit and vegetables was introduced by Russia from the beginning of 2016. It was a response to the fact that in the fall of 2015 a Turkish fighter jet in Syrian territory was shot down by a Russian su-24 bomber.

After Turkey made a formal apology, relations between the two countries began to improve, the result on 9 October, the ban on the import into Russia of citrus, peaches, apricots, plums and sloes was cancelled.

Now, speaking to representatives of insurance companies, Erdogan said that Turkey intends to renew deliveries to Russia of tomatoes and grapes. The mutual supply of products proposed to pay the national currency: imports from Russia - rubles, and the exports from Turkey - Lira. According to Erdogan, this will allow you to escape from the "pressure the currency."


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