Turkey left Romanian barley market because of higher own crop


In April 2016 Romania exported record high volume of barley for this month, which equaled 18.2 KMT. Previous record was set in April 2015 - 11.14 KMT. It should be mentioned that April shipments in the last 5 seasons averaged no more than 4.23 KMT. Since the beginning of the season (July-April) Romania exported 1467 KMT of barley, which is only 5.23% lower than over the same period of 2014/15 (1548 KMT), the season when total Romanian barley exports reached all-time record - 1710 KMT. In April key importer was Cyprus importing 8 KMT and the rest was imported by Libya (6.2 KMT) and Greece (2.7 KMT).

As we mentioned previously, over the reporting period (July-April) the share of main world barley importers – such as Saudi Arabia (601.26 KMT against 485.4 KMT over the same period of 2014/15) and Libya (167.67 KMT against 126.3 KMT) has increased this season. Though, Jordan imports over July-April lowered to 173.69 KMT against 311.78 KMT. Also Turkey, which was the third largest buyer of 2014/15 (150.2 KMT over July-April 2014/15 and the total for this season) did not make any purchases of Romanian barley in the reporting period of 2015/16 because of higher domestic production.

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