Turkey may retaliate to a ban of the Russian Federation


Turkish authorities announced the intention to impose retaliatory measures on the prohibition of the import of its products in Russia

The Turkish authorities will be forced to develop and adopt response measures if Russia does not give up trade restrictions on the export of various agricultural products, including tomatoes, said the Minister of economy of Turkey Nihat Zeybekci.

"We feel a lot of pressure (on the part of exporters – ed.) due to remaining trade restrictions on some vegetables in addition to tomatoes" – said the Turkish Minister. He stressed that Ankara could no longer ignore this issue, so Turkey can retaliate.

Zeybekci also pinned great hopes on negotiations with the Russian side, which will be held on 17-19 August in the Turkish Izmir.

"About tomatoes we have no expectations about this was the statement of two ministries. However, we don't want prohibitions on the supply of tomatoes, other vegetables, milk and meat. For some products during certain seasons can be raised by customs duties, we treat this with understanding, but we need to find a solution," — said the Turkish Minister.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that Russia and Turkey will hold the first full consultation on the limited supply of Turkish tomatoes to Russia.


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