Turkey Tenders to Buy 30,000 Tonnes Rice


Turkey's state grain board TMO has issued a series of international tenders to purchase a total 30,000 tonnes of rice, European traders said on Monday. The tenders close on March 30.

The TMO had made no purchase in its previous tenders for 41,250 tonnes of rice on March 8 when only one company participated, partly because of a rapid shipment period of March 15 to April 6.

Shipment in the new tenders was also quick, requested between March 26 to April 16.

The TMO has issued 30 separate tenders of 1,000 tonnes, long grain or calrose medium grain rice is sought.

The TMO reserves the right to purchase 20 percent more or less than the tender volumes.

The TMO has also issued separate tenders for 149,000 tonnes of animal feed corn closing on Tuesday.


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