U.S. gains easier access to Canadian wheat market


The new North American trade deal gives U.S. wheat easier access to Canada but it is not expected to result in a large influx of U.S. wheat.

The agreement allows U.S. wheat to be treated the same as Canadian wheat in the Canadian grain grading system.

Previously, U.S. wheat was downgraded automatically.

The chair of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, Jim Wickett, had been pushing for streamlining of regulations to ensure a free flow of cross border trade in wheat.

He says giving U.S. wheat equal grading in Canada is nothing to be scared of, pointing out Canada ships far more wheat to the U.S. than imports.

Wickett says the U.S. exports less than 50 thousand tons of wheat to Canada, while Canada ships 3 to 5 million tons of wheat into the U.S. each year.

He says U.S. market pricing advantages will ensure more wheat is shipped south than north.

Previously, any imported U.S. wheat was automatically downgraded to livestock feed.


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