UAE's Abu Dhabi to produce waste-derived biodiesel: report


A new recycling scheme will mean biodiesel being produced from waste feedstocks in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the local National newspaper reported late Tuesday.

The Center of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi, Tadweer, will provide permits to organizations to allow them to produce biodiesel from grease, fat and used cooking oil for use in heavy transport vehicles, such as buses and lorries, the paper said.

Tadweer has yet to provide a time-frame for when the recycling of UCO would commence in Abu Dhabi.

Blue, a Dubai based waste management company recycling cooking oil, are looking into this scheme for Abu Dhabi. They aim to "start collecting waste food and frying oil from across Abu Dhabi's kitchens, as we do in Dubai," Rafael Sanjurjo, regional general manager (Gulf Cooperation Council) at Blue was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Blue currently recycles over 40,000 gallons of used oil daily. It aims to double the amount of oil collected by the end of the year.

Although the UAE doesn't have a biofuels mandate in place, the collected used oil is used in countries such as "India and Pakistan for making soap for washing clothes," Sanjurjo told the National.

There is also added incentive for the oil not to be dumped, as much is in the UAE despite heavy fines, as one liter of oil can contaminate up to one million liters of water, according to environmental groups. In arid regions, such as the Middle East, where water is scarce, and populations are rising, this is becoming an increasingly important issue.

S&P Global Platts was unable to contact both Blue and Tadweer for comment Wednesday.


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