UK biofuels for Apr-Jul up 13% on year: RTFO

Some 423 million liters of renewable fuel were supplied in the UK from April 15 to July 14, according to the latest Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) statistics released Thursday.
This represents an 11% increase from the previous three months and a 13% increase on the same period of 2015.
FAME biodiesel supply in the UK totaled 227 million liters, up 29% on the quarter and 41% on the year. Bioethanol supply totaled 191 million liters, up 4% from the previous quarter but down 8% from the same quarter the previous year. Diesel and gasoline supply for the same period in the UK amounted to 7,240 million liters and 1,284 million liters respectively. For diesel, this is a 0.04% increase on the quarter and 2% on the year. On the other hand, for gasoline, this represents a 2% decrease on the quarter, although supply is stable on the year.
Some 165 million litres of this renewable fuel has so far been demonstrated to meet the sustainability requirements, of which biodiesel comprised 50%, bioethanol 49% and biomethanol 1%. Waste/non-agricultural residue feedstock accounted for 127 million liters of biofuel, which is considered double-counted material in terms of its contribution to the national biofuel mandate.
RTFO statistics also report that 292 million Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates have been issued for fuel meeting the sustainability requirements, 87% of which were issued to double counting feedstocks.
UK feedstocks account for 35% of biofuels, with used cooking oil from the UK being the most widely reported source for biodiesel (42%) and starch slurry from France being the most widely reported source for bioethanol (34%).

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