UkrAgroConsult raising its forecast for corn production in Ukraine


The start of corn harvesting in Ukraine is getting nearer, and prospects for this crop’s production in the country are still improving. Favorable weather conditions while corn pollination and grain filling increased its yield potential considerably.

Precipitation rates across most of the key corn growing regions at the time of pollination were within or above normal. The amount of productive precipitation was noticeably higher than last year, while air temperatures were more moderate, without widespread droughty conditions. Soil drought is just now observed locally in the south of the country, where corn planted areas are minimal. So, no grain shortfall there will worsen the overall situation with corn production in Ukraine, reports UkrAgroConsult.    

Such weather conditions during the corn-growing season suggest that the country will probably see a record yield. UkrAgroConsult forecasts corn output in Ukraine to hit a new high.

Export potential of Ukrainian corn in MY 2018/19 may approach to the record figure as well. But it is still questionable if Ukraine will manage to realize its export potential in full.

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