Ukraine 2018 spring grain sowing 97 pct complete


Ukrainian farmers have sown 7.1 million hectares of spring grains or 97 percent of the total area, the country's Agriculture Ministry said on Tuesday.

Farmers have sown about 1.5 million hectares of spring barley, 4.5 million hectares of maize and about 1 million
hectares of other cereals.

Farmers plan to sow 7.3 million hectares of spring grains this year, including about 4.6 million hectares of maize.

Ukraine, the world's third-largest grain exporter, said the area covered by spring and winter grains would exceed 14 million hectares this year.

The ministry also said that farmers had completed this year's sunflower sowing with 5.6 million hectares. They also sowed 282,000 hectares of sugar beet, 95 percent of the expected 298,000 hectares.

About 7.3 million hectares of spring grains were sown last year and the country's 2017 grains harvest totalled 61.3 million tonnes.


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