Ukraine. 97% of winter crops have emerged


The weather late in the month was fair for wintering of cereals. From now onwards, winter cereals are in forced dormancy.

The situation in winter crops did not change substantially against the previous week, reports UkrAgroConsult. In the present conditions, crops of allowable planting dates (October 1-10) have not achieved the appropriate stage (tillering with 3-4 evenly developed tillers per plant), much less those sown after the allowable time frame, i.e. on October 11-20. These late-seeded crops are under risk – their state will heavily depend on wintering conditions. The most vulnerable are plants at the stage of one or two leaves.

According to the Ag Ministry, winter crops in Ukraine emerged on 6697.4 Th ha by November 23, out of the sown 6911.1 Th ha (96.9%). 45% of their plantings are in good condition.

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