Ukraine. A new bio-gas plant launched in Mykolaiv region


A new bio-gas facility has been launched in the village of Mostove, Mykolaiv region. The plant was constructed by Biteco Biogas Company for the SPrAT Ukraine livestock farm.

The facility generates power from cow dung (30 MT a day) and silage corn (10 MT a day). The power plant’s design capacity is 400 kW.

The facility is unique because of a special technology, patented by Biteco Biogas, for shredding and removing straw litter from raw material mass (cattle dung), reports UkrAgroConsult.

The electrical power generated by the facility will be supplied to the common electrical grid and the livestock farm will be paid “green” tariff for it. The obtained heat will be used for drying the solid fraction of manure (5900 MT a year).

Four bio-gas facilities with a combined capacity of 7.33 MW were completed and commissioned in Ukraine in 2017.

The launch of new bio-gas facilities with a combined capacity of 18 MW (Ukraine-2011, Vimeksim, Gals-Agro) is scheduled for 2018.



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