Ukraine. About 10% of fall-sown rapeseed not emerged yet


Air temperatures went up towards November 11. Rainfalls of various intensities were observed. Average daily air temperatures stayed within a range of + 1°C to +14°C, or 1.5-9°C above normal.

Precipitation of various intensities (2.2 to 43 mm) occurred all over the country. Significant rainfalls have caused waterlogging of the soil in some West Ukrainian regions over the past week.

Overall, the current weather developments are controversial for normal growth of winter rapeseed, reports UkrAgroConsult. Temperature hikes and soil waterlogging in the Western regions produce an adverse effect. Ice crust is locally seen in the fields. On the other hand, the snow that fell on Sunday will secure crops against upcoming frost occurrences in the days ahead. 4 to 40 cm of snow covered the North-West of the country by November 14.

Nevertheless, noteworthy is that roughly 10% of winter rapeseed had not yet emerged by November 10, although farmers planted a 15% larger area to this crop than projected.

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