Ukraine. Agricultural Economics Institute published oilseed crop forecasts


According to the Agricultural Economics Institute, rapeseed production in Ukraine amounted to 2.214 MMT in 2017, or 91.9% more than a year ago. The rapeseed crop increase results both from a rape acreage expansion by almost 1.8 times and a 7.4% yield rise.

In 2017, rapeseed will be the only oil crop in Ukraine to gain in production, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Sunseed production will amount to 12.05 MMT in 2017 (down 11%). The reasons include a 9.4% drop in rapeseed yield and a 2.4% decrease in plantings.

The soybean crop will amount to 2.884 MMT (down 9.2%). The 7.2% expansion of soya plantings did not offset a 15.2% drop in soybean yield.



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