Ukraine. Agro meteorological conditions for winter grains sowing


During the first ten days of September weather was moderately warm without precipitations. Average daily temperature fluctuated within +15 ... +23.5°С and was 1.1-6°С higher than the norm. This caused unfavorable conditions for preparation of soil for winter grains sowing. Sufficient moistening of upper soil layer (21-30 mm) was observed only in some parts of Northern, Western, Central regions. Though, 10 cm soil moisture content in these parts was not enough to obtain timely and even sprouting of winter grains.

According to UkrAgroConsult, a bit worse is the situation in the Steppe zone, where due to the drought, sowing is carried out into the dry soil or delayed, expecting the rains. Despite the fact that optimal sowing terms of winter grains begin only from September,10  farmers in all the zones have started winter wheat, rye, barley sowing, which can further lead to overgrowing of such sowings in case of warm autumn. Particularly negative impact may provoke ultra-early sowing, which is recommended to be carried out in the second half of the optimal terms.

Corn maturation is speeding up. In the Steppe zone all corn biotypes stopped to accumulate the vegetation mass. Intensive dry out of foliar apparatus is observed. Grain moisture content, depending on the sowing terms and hybrids` ripening group, is 12.2-16.4%, which confirms the fact that corn harvesting should be completed in the shortest terms.

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