Ukraine. Agrometeorological conditions unfavorable for grain crops


The end of April and the beginning of May featured record high air temperatures for this time of year in Ukraine. The average daily air temperature varied within +9.9-20.00С, or 3.5-10.10С above normal, reports UkrAgroConsult. Air temperatures on the warmest days increased to 25-300С; the ground surface warmed to +40-550С in the daytime. Minimum air temperatures in the eastern and northern regions even dropped to below-freezing levels.

Precipitation in the form of rain, occasionally downpours, occurred in spots across Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk regions and in the city of Zhytomyr, but its rates were insignificant at 1-18 mm. No precipitation was seen in the south, north, and west of the country. Soil drought that started in the top layer in mid-April is expanding and deepening due to this dryness and high daytime air temperatures.

These agrometeorological conditions over the last week were unfavorable for normal growth and development of winter and spring cereals. Still, winter wheat is at the beginning of the 6th stage of organogenesis (stem elongation). Spring wheat is at the 2nd stage of organogenesis; its plants are 21-25 cm high and have well-developed three leaves. Spring barley and oats are also at the 2nd stage of organogenesis (three well-developed leaves). Their plants are 15-17 cm tall. Pea plants have the third true leaf. Sunflower of earlier planting dates has come up.

As of today, crops in most of the country are in good and fair condition, especially where seeded within the optimum timeframe after fertilized predecessor.

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