Ukraine. Agrovalley Limited purchased 93 thou. shares in IMC


A legal entity Agrovalley Limited, controlled by Aleksandr Petrov, Chairman of the Board of IMC, purchased on 1 October 2018 a total of 93 224 shares in IMC S.A.

The company purchased shares at a fixed price of 12.20 PLN per share (USD 3.26).

Thus, following the transaction the total shareholding of Agrovalley Limited increased to 23 609 489 shares, such shareholding being equivalent to 71.16% of total shares outstanding.

Note: the number of registered shares of IMC — 33.178 million.

IMC previously reported a USD 24.33 million net profit in 1H 2018 against USD 30.29 million in the corresponding period in 2017. The revenue in the reporting period decreased by 1% to USD 63.1 million.


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