Ukraine. Alfa Smart Agro installs herbicide line at Bila Tserkva plant


Alfa Smart Agro has installed an herbicide suspension emulsion line at the Bila Tserkva Preparative Forms Plant (Kyiv region). According to a report of the company, the production capacity of the line is around 20 tonnes of finished products a day. The line is installed in a separate workshop where only herbicides are produced. Thus, the possibility of cross-contamination during the production of herbicides and other types of crop protection agents is completely excluded.

In the press release the company said that the preparative forms that will be manufactured at the new line have formulations developed by Alfa Smart Agro scientists. The first product to be produced at the new line will be the two-component soil herbicide under the Oscar Premium trademark.

Alfa Smart Agro is a manufacturer of crop protection agents and micronutrients. The company has a plant for the production of micronutrients and crop protection agents in Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region) with an annual capacity of about 12,000 tonnes of products.

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