Ukraine. Astarta processed soybeans at full capacity last year


Astarta Holding has summed up the results of 2017. So, the Holding’s farms harvested 786 KMT of grains and oilseeds last year, or 14% less than in 2016, the company’s press service reports.

The decline in the total harvest stems from unfavorable weather conditions in Poltava region, informs UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time, soybean crushing is reported to have actually remained at last year’s level. So, in 2017, the Globyno crusher produced some 40 KMT of soybean oil (up 3% against 2016), 153 KMT of soybean meal (down 3%) and 12 KMT of granulated soya husks (as much as in 2016). In addition, the holding says the crusher was utilized to full capacity.



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