Ukraine becoming monopoly supplier of sunflower meal to India’s market


It is an open secret that India is the key destination market for Ukrainian sunseed oil. 1.4 MMT of this commodity was shipped to the country from Ukraine in 2015/16. That volume represented 31.6% of Ukraine’s total sunseed oil exports. However, nobody could have imagined that India would take interest in Ukrainian sunseed meal. The traditional markets for Ukrainian sunseed meal are CIS and European countries (absorbed some 68% of exports).

It was not until last season that an upward trend clearly manifested itself in meal exports to India: Ukraine supplied 146 KMT of sunseed meal to the Indian market in 2015/16.

Ukraine boosted deliveries 24 times, whereas just five seasons ago India was not on the list of buyers of Ukraine’s sunseed meal. According to Yulia Garkavenko, senior expert of UkrAgroConsult, another fact is interesting: the share of Ukrainian sunseed meal in India’s 2015/16 imports reached more than 80%!!!

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