Ukraine. Cabinet of Ministers permitted making up export parcels from grain of different grades at elevators


The Cabinet of Ministers passed a resolution permitting to make up export parcels from grain of different grades at elevators, reports UkrAgroConsult.

First Deputy Economy Minister Maxim Nefedov says a weird regulation is in force in Ukraine: when you are exporting grain of different grades, they must be kept separately according to the Ukrainian quality standards while en route within the country. In other words, instead of pouring grain of different grades into one jar, you must keep this grain in several ones. The passed resolution will enable grain exporters to save up to 15% on logistics.

UkrAgroConsult reminds that grain market participants reported they face problems when making up export grain parcels at grain warehouses and port silos. Consequently, there develops a shortage of storage infrastructure needed to keep grain of different grades simultaneously. In the opinion of the European Business Association, these issues have emerged because outdated state standards and departmental instructions fail to comply with present-day market requirements.



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