Ukraine. Cereal crops still exposed to difficult conditions for completing their growth


Hot weather with variable air temperatures was seen in Ukraine on June 11-20. The average daily air temperature was 1.1-8.0°С above normal, at 17-27°С. The highest registered level of air temperature was 27-34°С, with the ground surface heating to 52-62°С at the time. The lowest air temperature was at 12-20°С, with the ground surface temperature falling to +1°С (in the north).

Precipitation in the form of rain occurred almost all over the country on June 11-20. In spots, this was downpours with thunderstorms and lightnings, but brief and insignificant, reports UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time, this rain caused lodging of part of winter wheat crops in areas where May’s precipitation was close to or above multi-year normals. This situation may complicate the harvesting process, reduce yields and deteriorate the quality of grain. The true extent of this event is impossible to find out now, but preliminary observations suggest that the lodged wheat was of taller varieties.

The agrometeorological conditions remain generally difficult for late crops to grow and develop and for winter and early spring cereals to complete growing. Soil moisture supply is very scarce or exhausted at all.

Under such weather conditions, early cereals and winter rapeseed in the south have ripened earlier than usual, therefore almost all farmers in Kherson region have started harvesting them.

A survey of winter cereal crops carried out on June 21 indicated that they are mostly in good and fair condition.

Corn is in good condition. High air temperatures (up to +29°С in the daytime) and rainfalls occurring from time to time intensify crop growth and development processes.

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