Ukraine. Conditions for planting remain poor in some regions of the country


The weather conditions after September 20 were uneven over the country. It rained in the north-west due to movement of active weather fronts, even heavy downpours, thunderstorms, squalls and hail occurred in some localities. At the same time, hot, mostly dry weather persisted in the south-east.

Productive soil moisture content in the 0-20-cm layer in winter crops and in the fields earmarked for them was sufficient and optimum (at least 21-30 mm) in the west, Zhytomyr region, some parts of Vinnytsia, Chernihiv and Sumy regions. In the rest of Ukraine, it was insufficient (11-20 mm) and scarce (1-10 mm). The top soil was totally dry in most of the south and in some areas across the central and central regions.

The conditions for planting and development of winter crops were diverse, reports UkrAgroConsult. They were fair in the western regions and the adjacent northern and central regions, where soil moisture rates remained at optimum and sufficient levels. Soil drought continued in the rest of Ukraine. The lack of effective precipitation at the time along with previous dryness resulted in poor conditions for moisture accumulation and, consequently, for planting and initial development of winter crops.

Early-planted winter cereals (sown prior to September 20) are at the emergence stage. Plants of winter crops (rye, wheat, triticale, barley) sown prior to September 10 are 8-12-cm tall and have 2-3 leaves per plant.

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