Ukraine. Conditions for planting winter crops are unfavorable


Warm, dry weather prevailed in early September. Only some areas in the central and southern regions have seen rain of various intensity over recent days, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The average daily air temperature in Ukraine was 2.3-6.20С above normal, reaching 17.6-25.70С. The highest air temperature was registered at 27-350С, even at 35-370С in the south, with the ground surface heating to 56-590С at the time. The lowest air temperature dropped to 7-160С in the coldest nights, while the ground surface cooled to 9-140С.

According to the Plant Production Institute, rain-free, hot weather resulted in atmospheric and soil drought. This caused extremely unfavorable conditions for sowing winter crops for the 2019 harvest. In Kharkiv region, the topsoil in fields allocated to winter crops is dry – it only contains just 3-11 mm of moisture in some areas (the long-term average equals 14-21 mm).

Taking into account insufficient soil moisture supply at the time and a deficit of effective precipitation predicted on September 1-10, unfavorable conditions for sowing winter crops within the usual timeframe develop this year. It would be more expedient to sow them later, after rains fall.

At the same time, planting is already under way almost all over the country.

Sunflower is at the stage of biological and harvest maturity of seeds. Its crops are in good and fair condition. Farmers in many areas across the central, eastern and southern regions continue sunseed harvesting. Moisture deficits and critical temperatures of the soil surface (59-660С) and air (31-350С) between July 21-31 caused crops to stop growing and dry prematurely.

Late-planted soy crops are at the end of seed formation and at the start of ripening. Harvesting of early-planted soybean crops has begun in the Steppe and Forest-Steppe zones.

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