Ukraine. Corn conditions


Long term hot and dry weather in Kherson region led to excessive accumulation of effective warmth. Evaporation from the water surface was 7-7.4 mm per day (norm 5.7 mm). As a result fast development of late spring crops was observed, which can lead to premature completion of vegetation, which can happen 1-2 weeks earlier. At the major part of the region rainless period have started early in July and lasts about 42-51 days. In such difficult weather conditions almost complete dry out of 1m soil layer was observed. Due to the deficit of effective precipitations and dryness of upper soil layer current conditions are not favorable for required preparation of soil for the winter sowing. .

According to UkrAgroConsult, corn plants are in good conditions. Varieties of early and medium maturation terms with short vegetation period (FAO up to 299) are at the stage of wax maturity. Depending on the applied techniques corn grains contain 53-57% of dry matter. Corn ripens under the optimal air temperature regime, which is favorable for obtaining of corn with high 1000 grain weight. This year corn plants survival is quite high during all the period of vegetation - 93-97%.

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